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“EvoGenesis - Easy Answers to Evolution” revisits and updates the oddly-neglected old-earth, gap-theory teachings of Thomas Chalmers and Rev William Buckland, Oxford University's very first professor of geology.

In an entertaining yet technically accurate manner, EvoGenesis offers confused Christians and clergy everywhere easy answers to the claims of evolution, and a simple solution to the growing crisis in creationism. EvoGenesis is unique in identifying and correcting the errors or both evolutionists and young-earth creationists, at the same time affording new insights that confirm the scientific accuracy of the Genesis account of creation. 

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As endless blogs, YouTube videos and even court cases show, the acrimonious debate between evolutionists and creationists continues apace. 

Both sides see the same facts but draw different conclusions. Both sides also see the other side's errors, whilst failing to see their own.

This is a stage of the classic intellectual model of progress – whereby reaction against an original Thesis (e.g. Creationism) results in an opposing Anti-Thesis (e.g. Darwin's theory of evolution).  Further discovery then informs both positions, resulting in a new Synthesis – e.g. EvoGenesis.

The contents

EvoGenesis is 278 pages made up of three easy to read parts packed with scientific and theological knowledge.

PART 1 – EvoGenesis

This brief first section provides an overview of the basic tenets of the new synthesis – calling on more recent scientific discoveries to update the oddly-neglected old-earth teachings of Rev William Buckland, Oxford University's very first professor of geology.

PART 2 – Where Darwin Went Wrong

Written in an entertaining style, yet technically accurate in content, this second section aims to equip Christian people  with the key scientific and historical knowledge required to defend their faith and inform their children.

The entrenched positions of both young-earth creationists and evolutionists are analysed and evaluated – and, in particular,  Charles Darwin's key errors are explained and corrected. 

Neanderthal man Other background topics covered include Darwin's little-known second theory and his secret agenda, Lamarck's theory, the work of Gregor Mendel, the contributions of the great geologists and radiometric dating. A chapter on human origins suggests a revolutionary simple and almost obvious new explanation of the famous “mark on Cain”.

The biological content has been vetted and approved for accuracy by a top microbiologist from Porton Down, UK.

PART 3 – A Closer Look at the Genesis Account of Creation

The third part aims to correct mainstream creationist  misconceptions about the age of the earth and the effects of Noah's Flood, assertions that bring the Bible and Christianity into disrepute, as in the days of Galileo, and, ironically, serve to keep evolution alive.

A  day-by-day commentary on the events of creation week provides some interesting new insights not found elsewhere, showing the Genesis account to be to be scientifically accurate and literally true. 

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