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Beating Radicalisation

Saturday 15th August 2015 by John - The Bible, Science, Evolution, Creeds and Comments

In 1854 there was a cholera epidemic in London. The source of the outbreak was traced to Broad Street, where the residents had been cheerfully drinking water from a pump that drew its supply from the adjacent River Thames, a veritable sewer in which floated all manner of rotting offal, human faeces and urine. Dr. John Snow realized what was going on and famously gave his simple solution to the problem: 'Remove the pump handle!' Microbes At that time, just a couple of decades after Louis Pasteur…

A Time of Trouible

Thursday 12th February 2015 by John - Creation, Creeds and Comments, History, The Bible

When I go to my local church,  there  are always 'prayers  for the world' , apparently asking God to make it a better place. In the short term at least, I see no sign of those prayers being answered. In fact, as the media shows, things seem to be getting worrse. This fact should not surprise anybody who reads the words of Jesus in Matthew chapter 24, where He outlines a succession of events that will take place before His return as the Christ.  Notice, in particular, verse 21…

Creeds and Comments: 2. American Geological Institute

Saturday 29th June 2013 by John - Science, Creeds and Comments

Circularcmyk_largeCREED 1) Scientific evidence indicates beyond any doubt that life has existed on Earth for billions of years. EvoGenesis has no argument with this first statement. 2) This life has evolved through time producing vast numbers of species of plants and animals, most of which are extinct. Although scientists debate the mechanism that produced this change, the evidence for the change is undeniable. Again, EvoGenesis would agree that, over time, many or most species of plants and animals have become extinct,…

Creeds and Comments: 1. American Institute of Biological Sciences

Saturday 29th June 2013 by John - Science, Creeds and Comments

homeIn this series of articles, we will be examining the statements, or Evolutionary Creeds, of scores of scientific organizations in which they explain why the Genesis account of creation should not be taught in science classes. CREED 1) The AIBS Executive Committee passed a resolution in 1972 deploring efforts by Biblical literalists to interject creationism and religion into science courses. The basic objection is to a literal interpretation of the Bible account of creation. Sadly, many professing…