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The Cambrian Explosion of Life

hallucigenia Shown here are just a few of the incredibly complex extinct organisms whose fossils are found in the very ancient Cambrian rock strata. They suddenly appeared, geologically speaking, from nowhere - highly complex, fully formed and functioning, with no visible ancestors. Hence the phrase "Cambrian Explosion of life".

anomalocaris These organisms clearly possessed senses, a nervous system, a brain, mouths and digestive systems, sets of coordinated appendages, and even eyes - yet they were supposedly the "first" life forms. And Richard Dawkins would claim they were formed by the accumulation of DNA copying errors when they reproduced. They did what? They "reproduced"? Perhaps they read how to do it in a very old book!

marella Yet in the lowest of all rock strata, the "Pre-Cambrian", there are virtually no fossils. This fact puzzled Charles Darwin because it blew his theory to bits - yet still he carried on, and the world believed him.

The facts show sudden "creation" - and evolution has no explanation, although one leading light tried to dismiss the miracle with "They must have invented opabinia toolbox genes!" And another one informed me personally that they must have had "Invisible ancestors". Easy when you know how!

Wikipedia offers a different cop-out, commenting that: "Interpretation is difficult due to a limited supply of evidence". In other words, like Darwin himself, they feel that
trilobite1evolution is axiomatic. It would be nice to have some proof, but meanwhile please do not confuse us with the facts - or lack of facts! They want to believe it. They will believe it. They have to believe it.

How much longer can such nonsense go on posing as serious science?

According to the Gap Theory, these organisms were part of a previous, prehistoric  world. They did not "evolve" into present-day organisms.


  • Posted by Paul Glenn Cawley 03-08-2014

    "Agreed!! They did not evolve into present day organism for two main reasons. 1. Their have been at least 3 major extinction level events in earth's geologic history which make it IMPOSSIBLE for a uninterrupted continuous evolution of all life forms when each time these events occurred ALL life was destroyed and then suddenly appears again later in the geologic record. 2. As John Thomas points out so well in his book, EvoGenesis, that it is now common knowledge in Biology that in ALL living organisms...have a limit to the amount t of change that takes place in them. It isnt limitless! It is LIMITED to its own kind. All organisms have the ability to varying within their own kind and reproduce after their own kind. That's it! So those are the 2 main reasons why the above examples of the Tribolite and the others certainly did NOT "evolve" into ANY modern organism. They were LONG gone. "

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