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Working for a credible Christian consensus against Evolution

Having had some correspondence in recent months with a top young-earth creationist website, it strikes me that they seemed to have become much less dogmatic in their replies to technical questions, and even have sections of the site devoted to correcting popular creationist errors, and warning supporters to be very careful in the claims they make in conversations with evolutionists. And with good reason! 

A Blunt Razor

There is, I believe, a very serious crisis in creationist circles. The root  problem seems to be an overpowering desire to cling to the young-earth concept in order to deny Darwin the “deep time” his theory needs  in order to have any shred of credibility. Everything rests on that claim.

As a  result, they are forced  to explain away all manner of well-established scientific  observations with quite abstruse arguments, causing well-informed evolutionists, school boards and courts of law to regard them as being scientifically illiterate. Their particular model of Occam's razor seems to have become very blunt, and no longer able to draw simplicity out of complexity. 

Preposterous Nonsense

As a result, the evolution brigade are let off the hook and comforted and encouraged in their own errors – content not to ask too many searching questions about what  has in reality become a  “faith”. So although Darwin's theory is full of holes and still lacking any convincing mechanism, with British biologist Derek Hough admitting it is “preposterous” nonsense, the incredible sham continues. Just like his fellow  “true believers”, Hough remains convinced that one day the magic missing mechanism will be found.  

Seeing Each Other's Errors

Thus evolutionists clearly see the errors of young-earthers and gleefully point them out at every opportunity.  On the other hand, the young-earthers likewise perceive the errors and gaping holes in Darwinism – but, paradoxically, are not taken seriously because of their own very glaring errors – i.e. that the earth and solar system, plus universe if you like, are just some six thousand years old, and that all or most of the earth's massive sedimentary rock formations were formed by Noah's Flood. The professionally qualified members of the “Affiliation of Christian Geologists” do know better, but keep a low profile.

Time to Stop the Nonsense!

As I began to write this article, I chanced to Google the phrase “crisis in creationism” – and was astonished at the mass of information it threw up, in particular the documentation, often with you-tube testimonials, of the numbers of once-devout Christians, especially young ones,  who had been brought up as young-earthers, but who had become totally disillusioned in their college years as they learned enough sound-minded conventional science to realize that they had been sadly misled – some of them losing their Christian faith as a result, some turning to evolution, others with tortured consciences, desperately clinging to their feeble faith.  This nonsense must stop. 

A key purpose of this site is to help solve this serious problem by promoting a simple literal yet scientifically and scripturally accurate interpetation of the Genesis account of creation - EvoGenesis


If  you would like to help promote EvoGenesis, please Email your pastor and 2 or more other people you know and tell them about this site and its mission.  Help us develop a credible Christian consensus against evolution.


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    "Hopefully, Evo-Genesis and other related resources [visit:>] will open the biased minds of those who have been taken captive by the 'god of this world' in adopting evolutionary lies that do not make any logical sense even to the professing atheistic evolutionists. Unlike the cocky Theistic Evolutionists, who boast of having descended from some dumb "Common Ancestor" and not from any literal Adam and Eve, the Atheistic Evolutionists at least admit, though shamelessly, that they do not have any single scientifically approved "Theory of Evolution" that is plausible and equally acceptable to all the Scientists; and, that they simply 'randomly' teach by 'chance' the so-called "Neo-Darwinian and related Theories of Evolution"."

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