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The Gene Genie

As I headed for the front exit of Salisbury public library, firmly clutching the latest Wallander novel, and looking forward to reading Henning Mankell's latest flight of fiction, wrapped around the realities of life in a Swedish police station, I happened to glance at the 'Recently Returned' table and notice a book entitled 'Creation – The Origin of Life', by Adam Rutherford.

Rutherford's book cover was decorated with a schematic of a DNA molecule unzipping and getting ready to replicate. It looked impressive, and I wondered what new evolutionary nonsense would be woven around this miracle of God's creation, to be foisted upon unwary readers from a shelf in the 'non-fiction' section.

I opened the book and began to read the first paragraph which described the way the human body reacts to a small cut, such as that due to a the sharp edge of a sheet of paper – comparing it to the way people react to a large-scale catastrophe such as a flood or earthquake. How odd, I thought, since I had actually cut myself shaving that very morning. Another one of those minor coincidences.

Orchestrated Miracles

Everything that ensues', said Rutherford 'happens as a beautiful orchestration of individual living cells'. Nociceptors cells 'spark into action' and 'via long, stringy nerve fibres that sprout from their surface, electrical signals zap from your fingertip to cells in the cortex of your brain, in a fraction of second. There, you perceive pain, and at the speed of thought your brain fires a message back to groups of muscle in your arm, telling them to twitch in a coordinated fashion The muscles contract. Your arm recoils. All of this happens within a heartbeat.' Wow!

I was impressed by this amazing insight into the glory of God's creation, but the author's evolutionary agenda soon became clear. He mission was to give his personal version of how all life on earth had evolved by 'descent with modification', one tiny change at a time, over zillions of years, all starting out with a 'common ancestor', a primitive life form basking in that famous pool of warm slime – just as you-know-who had predicted back in 1859.

Who, I wondered, had just returned this book? And what had been their reaction to the smooth tales of deceit and deception in the ensuing chapters? The first fictional element was the claim that human beings and the mind-boggling mechanism by which their bodies heal a cut had evolved from inanimate atoms, then molecules, then cells, then organs, by an endless sequence of random DNA copying errors. Assuming first, of course, the evolution of DNA.

Beautifully written, the book went on to describe the incredible healing process in more detail – involving the flooding of the wound with blood, with oxygen ferried to it by haemoglobin molecules, the white blood cells swarming in to find and destroy any invading bacteria, as meanwhile, cells in the plasma get busy repairing the wound.

The nerve cells that first raised awareness of the cut, then send out signals that attract platelets to the scene to start forming a clot to seal of the area. Fantastic! I just had to go back and check the book out and take it home.

How? and Why?

As the amazing account carried on, I began to ask myself some simple questions. What'orchestrated' those cells and taught them to work in unison? How do the independent individual cells 'know' what to do and when to do it? How did cells 'learn' to create and zap electrical signals to the brain? Why do the muscles of the arm twitch in 'coordinated' fashion?

The shocking fact is that although science cannot answer my simple questions, they are still absolutely convinced that it all evolved. They do not know how. They just want to believe it. They have to believe it. They will believe it. For as top Harvard professor Richard Lewontin explains, evolution has become a 'Faith', as it did for Darwin, and the biologists are the high priests. Proof is no longer required. It is axiomatic. And we, like the peasants in the pews in the Middle Ages, are expected to believe what the priests tell us, bow our heads, kneel down and say 'Amen'.

A New Reformation

However, we are living in momentous times – and the good news is that there is a new 'Reformation' under way. For in their attempts to turn Darwin's theory into proven fact, science has unwittingly prised opened a Pandora's box of complexity and they are not very happy with the outcome. In particular, the genome Genie has escaped and told all. In particular, the Genie has confirmed that despite media hype to the contrary in recent decades, 'It is not all in the genes' – and never was. Oh dear! There is nothing in the human genome to explain or control even the shape of your nose.

It turns out that the key function of genes, for which the genome Genie holds the license in every cell on earth, is to manufacture cell-building molecules on demand, when and where needed, be that for stem cells, bone, muscle, brain, blood, etc. The Genie's report has been confirmed by the findings of the Human Genome Project. So, at last, after almost two centuries of deception, the truth it out, and on the streets. Evolution is Bunk! Darwin's theory is Kaput.The world has been well and truly conned! So spread the word, brothers and sisters!

And as Lewontin explains further, the 'positional information' required to specify the design, shape, size and geometry of any part of any organism, is simply NOT in the genes. This has led honest evolutionist Rupert Sheldrake to revive the old theory that the geometry of organisms is controlled by an invisible 'morphic field', an idea that comes close to the Biblical teaching that there is a 'spirit in man', and also in animals (Job 32:8, Ecclesiastes 3:21). Science knows nothing of such matters, which is why it cannot start to begin to commence to explain mind, emotion and instinct.

Ever the evolutionist, however, Sheldrake now suggests that it is the morphic field that evolves. Oh dear. Once somebody has nibbled the magic mushroom of evolution, it is hard for them to see straight any more.

Trembling with Fear

Darwin himself admitted that he trembled with fear when he contemplated what was then known about the complexity of the human eye, with it variable-focus lens which automatically adjusts its curvature and focal length by means of the tiny ciliary muscles that surround and suspend it. No wonder the poor demented and desperate man suffered so much with psychosomatic illnesses. I think he knew better, and it troubled him. But he was haunted and driven by the concept of evolution. Incidentally, a few minutes researching 'ciliary muscles' in Google images would be time well spent.

Returning to Rutherford's book, nothing is explained in logical cause-and-effect detail, but in broad generalities. He prefers instead 'the broad sweep of evolution', the key plot of his and Darwinian novel, and what one reviewer describes as 'The perfect story'. Make that the 'perfect lie' – one that still hoodwinks Oxford and Cambridge professors..

By the way, apparently my body cells will continue working on that razor cut site for up to a whole year –'remodelling the site to restore it' and 'building a new piece' of me.

Some Questions
Are Genes and DNA alive? Answer: No, they are aggregations of inanimate atoms. Despite their claims, Watson and Crick did not discover the 'secret of life'.

2) What is the difference between the life in my dog and the life in one of his cells? Answer: Nobody knows.

3) What is life, anyway? Answer: Again, nobody knows. Where does chemistry end and life begin? Rutherford devotes a whole chapter to the question, but fails to answer it. So again, nobody knows, which is why the famous but frank scientist Fred Hoyle commented that the chance of inanimate atoms somehow assembling themselves into the structure of any living organism was like that of a tornado sweeping through a junkyard and assembling a Boeing 747. Like others since, he was forced to imagine that 'life' somehow arrived on earth from outer space on a comet. Or could it have been a number 47 bus? Such is the insanity that passes for serious science. The problem is, as already noted, that there is more to living organisms than mere atoms and molecules. There are non- physical spiritual factors at work.

Professing themselves to be Wise

As already stated, the simple fact is that the morphological information required to create cells and programme them to work in unison to create skin, nerves, veins and arteries does not exist in the DNA. And it is for just the same reason that science cannot explain the growth of an embryo in the womb – or even how the pinhead sized pieces of greenery presently on the vine in my garden will, in a few months' time, become juicy grapes.

So despite decades of media hype about genes and DNA and the development of Neo- Darwinism, the massive con has finally been exposed. Just when evolutionists thought that victory was in their grasp, their theory was blasted to smithereens.

The words of the apostle Paul's come to mind: 'Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools'. How much longer, I wonder, will they be allowed to go on 'changing the truth of God into a lie' (Romans 1:18-25)? 


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