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Can Gap Theory fit with Geology?

What we believe

In recent decades, media understanding of the term “creationism” has been narrowed to mean “young-earth” creationism - with unfortunate consequences for the scientific credibility of Christianity and the Bible.

EvoGenesis subscribes to a contrary view as expressed by  the professionally qualified members of the "Affiliation of Christian Geologists” in their statement regarding the age of the earth.   

In particular, we believe that . . .

Geological Column 1.  The scriptures allow, and the science suggests,  that the earth is millions of years old.

2. The Genesis account of creation is scientifically accurate and literally true.

3. There may have been a prehistoric age prior to the present one, as postulated by the “gap theory” of creation - populated by now-extinct organisms.

4. All organisms in this and any previous age were designed and created by God with the innate ability to mutate, vary and adapt to their environment as they reproduce “after their kind”.

5. There is a spirit, a non-physical component, in man and animals that possess consciousness, intellect intuition and instinct - matters evolution cannot begin to explain.

The diagram correlates a literal reading of Genesis with geology. The K-T Boundary may mark the end of a prehistoric age - and a violent event that left the earth without form and void, as described in Genesis 1:
1-2.  Aspects of radiometric dating are "under suspicion" and the dating of Cenozoic organisms later than 6,000 years must be in error.