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Most creationist problems seem to stem from their assertion that the earth is just six thousand years old - resulting in questions which they struggle to answer, even on their glossy and expensive websites.

For example, for the earth to be young, they have to claim that the decay constants of radioactive materials have changed.  Likewise to explain the size of the universe, the speed of light must have changed. Just recently my attention was drawn to their claim that the laws of science were not fully operational in creation week.

And to explain the devastated condition of the surface of the moon and planets, they struggle to somehow relate it to Noah's Flood. 

Solomon pointed out that wisdom, when it is found,  Is like a crystal clear stream. But young-earth teachings and claims are often contrived and elaborate, a muddy pool of confusion.

One point that seems to be often overlooked in the evolution/creation debate, even by creationists, is the fact that man is more than atoms and molecules. As the Bible tells us in several places, there is a “spirit” in man (Job 32:8) and also animals (Ecclesiates 3:21). The non-physical component imparts intellect, consciousness, instinct and other factors that Darwin's theory cannot begin to cope with.

Darwin, although having trained for the Christian ministry, failed to perceive metaphorical nature of world – and way organisms illustrate human nature and the ruthless, violent, greedy and competitive way of life that Adam and Eve opted for when they rejected God's guidance in the Garden of Eden. 

This answers the question as to why animals die. Although humans die as a result of Adam's sin, animals die as part of that changed ecology to illustrate that outcome, the death that was not to literally come to Adam and Eve for several hundred years. 

As Genesis makes clear, but Darwin chose to overlook, the earth's violent ecology that troubled him so much was originally benign and peaceful – as it will be once again when Jesus returns as the Messiah (Isaiah chapter 11).

There is little doubt in my mind that evolutionists are encouraged and comforted in their error by the patently anti-scientific assertions of young-earth creationists and the confusion amongst Christians in general about the Genesis account of creation.

For the ultimate answer to evolution and the crisis in creationism, read the book EvoGenesis - Easy Answers to Evolution.