Creation Foundation

The new Synthesis

Synthesising the key facts of Evolution and Creationism suggests the following scenario:

1. The earth is very old, perhaps millions of years. 

2. Man was created in the six days of creation week and has only lived on earth for some six thousand years. He does not share a common ancestry with apes.

3. There was a previous prehistoric age populated by the bizarre and violent  organisms  known as “Satan's creatures”.

4. That world was destroyed, leaving the earth in the flooded, darkened, shapeless and empty form described in Genesis 1:1. 

5. The asteroid belt and the devastation of our moon and the  planets of the solar system probably testify to that massive event – which must have involved a “mass extinction” of ancient life form. Was this the K-T event?

6. The Genesis creation account is describing a re-creation.

7. Today's flora and fauna did not evolve from prehistoric and now-extinct organisms or common ancestors.

8. Although organisms have been engineered by God to show variation in the manner familiar to plant and animal breeders, they only reproduce “after their kind”.

9. The Genesis account of creation is literally true and scientifically accurate.

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