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“The times they are a changing” says Random House author author John A. Thomas in his new book EvoGenesis - Easy Answers to Evolution which, as a bonus,  suggests an astonishingly simple new solution to the ancient Bible mystery of the “mark on Cain”, a discovery that could validate the literal truth of the Genesis account of creation and force a radical re-assessment of the claims of evolution.

Amazingly, the “almost obvious” explanation of the “mark on Cain” in turn suggests a long-awaited but equally simple solution to the “biggest remaining challenge in anthropology” (see Chapter 13). 

More importantly, however, EvoGenesis demonstrates, as top evolutionists (such as Prof. Steve Jones) know full well, that evolution continues to fail the two simple fossil tests proposed for it by Darwin himself.

Author John A. Thomas Acting in the role of an investigative journalist, Thomas exposes the errors of evolution that have hoodwinked the intellectual elite of the western world for over a century. The "Human Genome Project", for example, quite recently arrived at the end of the evolutionary rainbow but failed to find any pot of gold - only atoms and molecules, and the  realisation that DNA lacks the magical blueprints required to set the shape, design and dimensions of any organism or even single organ. It's not "all in genes" after all. So now the epigenetic quest begins.

EvoGenesis - Easy Answers to Evolution aims to encourage the development of an informed Christian consensus against evolution.

Written in simple language, but approved for technical accuracy by a top Porton Down scientist, and for theological accuracy by the office of the Bishop of Salisbury, this book is required reading for any Christian person wishing to understand the arguments and errors of evolution and how misguided "young-earth" creationists help keep Darwinism alive. EvoGenesis corrects the extreme errors of both evolution and creationism to form a "new synthesis", showing the Genesis account of creation to be scientifically accurate and literally true.

In exposing the errors of both evolutionists and creationists, and updating the oddly neglected “old-earth” teachings of Rev William Buckland, Oxford University's very first professor of geology, the book introduces “EvoGenesis – the ultimate answer to evolution and the growing crisis in creationism”.

Although evolutionists usually dismiss creationist claims as unscientific nonsense, the strength of feedback to Thomas' work suggests that the tough questions his book asks makes them very angry indeed because they have no credible answers. After calling it "A real stinker!" one critic then grudgingly praised it for its interesting historical content. 

As already noted, the scientific content of this entertaining and provocative book has been commended by a professor of microbiology from the HPA, Porton Down, Wiltshire (“Everybody should read this!”) and is a 'must read' for all  people wishing to equip themselves and their family with a clear,  credible and scientifically accurate understanding of the issues involved in the evolution/creation debate. 

John A. Thomas is the author of “Take Charge of Tomorrow – and Change it!”, a comprehensive account of the secrets and techniques of creative thinking and problem solving (Random House 1997). Other of his books available on Amazon & Kindle, include King Solomon's Masterclass in Creativity, Embrace Wisdom, Greater Wisdom, and Luke's Kingdom.