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 The NEW Synthesis - Easy answers to Evolution

According to the classic historical pattern, understanding of complex issues swings like a pendulum from a  traditional Thesis to an opposing Antithesis, then finally back to a middle ground of Synthesis. As knowledge grows that process may be repeated, over and over, refining knowledge in any field.

iStock_000003374582XSmall So it is that in the past couple of centuries the world's dominant understanding of human and biological origins has swung from simplistic Young-earth creationism over to Darwinian evolution. However, on closer examination, both beliefs are found to be a mixture of truth and error – suggesting that  the time has come for a new Synthesis, which author John A. Thomas has called “EvoGenesis”.

The aim of his book then, is to separate fact from fallacy in the teachings  of evolution and young-earth creationism – then combine their truths to create a scripturally and scientifically accurate new Synthesis, as a basis for further study.  

The overall mission of EvoGenesis is to develop a credible Christian consensus against evolution.

Gap Theory

DinosuarIf evolution and young earth creationism are both in error, as evidenced by the interminable debate, what is the answer? The simple key is found in the oddly neglected Gap Theory reading of Genesis as promoted decades before Darwin by Oxford University's very first professor of geology, Rev. William Buckland. More about the Gap Theory and the age of the Earth »

The Book

KindleFire For an easy-to-read, simple yet technically accurate expose of more errors of evolutionists and young earth creationists,  read Evogenesis - Easy Answers to Evolution on Kindle or PaperbackMore about the book EvoGenesis - Easy Answers to Evolution »


DarwinDespite the inability of evolution's DNA-copying-error mechanism to furnish a credible explanation for male and female forms, body morphology or the utter complexity of even a single cell, Darwinism continues to pose as serious science and hoodwink the intellectual elite of the western world. Ironically, evolutionists are encouraged in their error by the unscientific claims of pious "Young Earth Creationists" that our planet and the universe are just six thousand years old. More about the claims and facts of Evolution »

Cambrian Explosion

trilobite1 Organisms, such as the Trilobite, supposedly the earliest to evolve, appear in the fossil record fully formed, containing DNA, compound eyes (Opabinia had five!), nervous & digestive systems, etc. -- and as part of a complex ecology. Evolution's desperate explanation is that they descended from "invisible ancestors" who left no fossil remains - then they "invented" toolbox genes! Evolutionists believe this nonsense. Like Darwin, seemingly, they have to believe it. More about the Cambrian Explosion of Life »


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